Under The Hood

Dynascore is a Dynamic Music Engine that uses AI-powered block algorithms, a virtual instrument library, and a proprietary musical language to dynamically compose custom tracks that are precisely synchronized with your source video.


Dynascore deconstructs music into base “blocks”, which are further divided into atomic units of music, which we call morphones. A morphone is the smallest unit of western music which has musical meaning.

Morphones can be as small as a drum stroke, or as long as a 4-measure musical phrase.

Musicoherence and The Composer

The Dynascore Composition Algorithm (aka The Composer) uses AI and high performance computing to break down a piece of music and reassemble its morphones in a way that maximizes the musicoherence score. Musicoherence means that the desired track length, transitions, pauses, and ending markers happen at the right time, and in the right order, while allowing the musical sequence to still sound like a coherent, custom piece.

It’s tricky business, but Dynascore magically works.


The Composer’s output is a specialized MIDI file readable only by our Midisaurus. Midisaurus feeds the MIDI to VST-Rex, who is almost always hungry.


The magic of Dynascore is not just generating a composition that matches requirements - it’s also making it sound great to the human ear. Once The Composer delivers a viable composition, it’s time to generate audio, and that’s where VST-rex roars.

VST-rex loads the virtual instruments specified by Midisaurus from among the vast Dynascore library. For each track in the MIDI, VST-Rex emulates the correct virtual instruments to produce a professional grade audio WAV file.


Once the mix is complete, the audio file is then processed on our proprietary mastering stage, which uses state-of-the-art digital signal processing to deliver studio-grade audio specifically composed for your video file.

And that’s it – you get your Dynascore!