The world’s first Dynamic Music Engine

Magically compose tracks that are perfectly synchronized with your video.

Dynascore Demo: Pick a genre, listen for the musical transition at :09, then adjust the marker up to 3 seconds in either direction. We've dynamically recomposed the track to reflect your edit!

Hatch your first 20 tracks free

It’s like having your own personal composer

Music that is

Need a 46 second version of an EDM track with transitions at 17s and 28s and an ending bump at 42s? Hatch a track.

Music You Can Edit

Want to change your EDM track to 45 seconds, and move the transitions to 15 and 25, with a 4 second pause at 31? Hatch a track.

Dynascore magically reconstructs the same score.

Swap the Score

Need to swap in a cinematic score with the same timings? Switch the score. Hatch a track.

No more scary music notes.

Music, On Your (Adobe Premiere Pro) Timeline

Roll Over, Beethoven

The greatest musical works of all time are now synchronized perfectly with your video. It’s like having Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven at your side tailoring their timeless masterworks to your vision.

Music On Your Terms

Pennies Per Track

With Dynascore’s music engine, it takes mere pennies to create a custom track dynamically composed to match your project perfectly.

Less than 50 Cents per track.

Goodbye, Prehistoric Licensing Terms

Royalty-free tracks with unrestricted licensing.


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